Acharya Salil

Acharya Salil

Acharya Salil is one of India’s most famous and trusted astrologers, with an experience of 30+ years in the field of astrology. He has successfully predicted political upheavals in the country, and forecast the results of many corporate, business, Indian and international events.

Acharyaji’s interest in astrology developed from a very young age. His first lessons in understanding the power of astrology came from Pandit Kalindi Prasad and Pandit Sooryanarayan Vyas, in his childhood.

As a young man, Acharya Salil pursued engineering, completing his B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Kanpur. He qualified as an IAS officer and worked at prestigious posts in government and later in private companies.

However, the calling of the astrological sciences was too strong. As they say, it was written in the stars!

Acharya Salil chose to study the abstract realm of astrology, treating it as a science, and predicting the future based on real, tangible, logical assumptions. He completed his Ph.D. in Astrology from the Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi and was conferred with the title of ‘Acharya’ after its successful completion.

His deep understanding of the planetary movements and analysis of complex mathematical calculations has empowered him to accurately predict the results of several political elections, such as the win of Prime Minister Narendra Modiji in 2014 and his re-election in 2019, the Assembly elections for Maharashtra and Haryana, BJP’s clean sweep in Delhi for the Loksabha
election in 2019, and many others. His guidance is also sought by the top businessmen and industrialists of the country, as well as renowned film stars and politicians.

Acharya Salil believes that genuine astrological advice, which is rooted in the true precepts of the science, can help people make informed decisions about their future and bring about a fundamental change in the way they lead their lives. He has analysed over 1.86 lakh horoscopes, studying interplanetary movement and its impact on individual lives in microscopic detail, hence
successfully understanding the macroscopic repercussions of the same.

Today, Acharyaji has followers from across the world, including countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany, UK, and many others in Europe and Asia, who seek his advice and guidance at critical junctures in their lives.